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What people see and what people don’t see!

Sunarto, a chairman of Artax has a different way to close the weekday and welcoming weekend. He shares a story every Friday after our routine activity Branding Experience Sharing & Wheels of Emotions.

On last Friday June 3, 2022 he started the story by throwing couple questions to us.
Everybody or organization has good times, bad or difficult times, so do we.
I believe all of us agree that we have a lot of good times

“Ana & Jourdy, please tell me what is bad or difficult times in Artax?” he questioned to our longest service team.
Ana replied, “finding new client may be” and Jourdy continued that basically everything was good times in Artax but may be starting new company and getting new client is the obstacles. When both of them were giving not sure answer or may be, he continued to Alex and Monica, Rere and yes three of them confirmed that they are not sure when was the bad or difficult times in Artax.

He explained that
1. Join in the Tax Association when most of them did not know us was difficult time.
2. Setting up IT and working about internal company when we had no experience was difficult time.
3. Promoting ourselves and Artax in social media and public we had no brand skill was challengeable time.

Feeling worries about how to pay monthly expenses and office when the money is very tight also difficult times.

But how we did not figure it out before? Because or good times much more than bad or difficult times.
When we have a true feeling about happiness, we did not see bad times, we see hope, we did not see difficult times, we see a challenge.

That’s the most reason why we are promoting Happier & Better as he closed the story.