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ARTAX service



We provide high-quality consultation services to clients accurately, clearly and fastly


Annual Tax Return

Tax return is the basis of reference for tax audit, counseling and raise other questions from ITO


Tax Restructuring

Dynamic and always up to date to the regulations will benefit your business


Business Set-up

We believe our collaboration with notary, lawyer, public accountant, bank and many service providers will cover your needs


VAT Refund

Comply is costly will be just a slogan. Our experience will assist your business to claim your rights


Tax Review

Facts, discussion and legal standing of the regulations will make you have a better understanding about taxation


Tax Audit

Knowing better the rights of taxpayer, what to do and what you don't need to do


Tax Objection

Our experience will assist you to file and represent at the objection level


Tax Appeal

We have a license to attend hearing at the tax court

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The Leaders


No. KEP: 3640/IP.C/PJ/2018

Nickmozen Kurnia Asali

Chief Executive Officer
+62 811 711 922

No KEP: 3636/IP.C/PJ/2018

Bramanto Ananta Wibowo

No KEP: 3635/IP.C/PJ/2018

Internship Testimony


Having the opportunity to be an intern at Artax is truly a gift for me. Being at Artax really correct my beliefs that being a tax consultant means always working overtime. Even though currently we have to work from home, I still learn important skills I did not get from my classes in the university. Additionally, interning at Artax shifts my mindset to think more creatively and empower myself with knowledge that I can share with others. Thank you, Artax!


Universitas Kristen Petra

Being an intern at Artax made me learn many things. Starting from problem solving, branding, creativity, and also training my ability to communicate. A balance between on-job and off-work is highly valued at Artax. Even seniority was not felt as long as I was in this sphere. One thing I learned was something that I thought was not important at first, Artax actually showed that other side and made my mind open to the outside world.


Petra Christian University
ivan unair

Being an intern at Artax, I was very grateful to be able to meet friends from various universities. Besides focusing on tax science, I also learned about social media branding. Artax’s sharing session agenda which is carried out regularly also has a positive impact on me. Even though I still get important points during work from home internship at Artax, because the methods used are very clear, detailed and also effective.


Airlangga University

When i first know artax, artax is a company where I find it super innovative and creative. To be accepted here was a dream come true for me. After i finally have the opportunity to work in artax, i never expect to learn a lot here, they also concern about creativity to provide them fresh ideas to achieve a new goal everyday. In other words I did learn a lot new stuffs, such as professionalism.


Petra Christian University

Being an intern at Artax has taught me a lot of new things and a lot of exciting experiences. Not only Artax has taught me about technical work in taxation but also subsequently helped me to expand my interpersonal skill. I really admire the way Artax pushed us interns to think big, more creative, and do things out of our comfort zone. Also, Artax treat interns profoundly well and they really appreciate every input or opinions we gave.


Petra Christian University

Although working from home, being an intern in Artax makes me much more productive, it pushed me to manage myself even better, especially when it comes to time management. Beside that, I have learned many new things, which I could never gained when I was in university. It truly is a great experience to work with other professionals in this field, I am very grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Artax!


Bina Nusantara University
Ivan Petra

Being an intern at Artax, i’ve gained a lot of new experiences. Not only in tax sector, but also in other areas such as digital marketing, branding, and problem-solving. I’m personally impressed on how Artax always gives their employees the space and time to share ideas with the partners every week. Also, Artax has efficient working hours as a tax consultant so that we are able to have a balance life between work and family.


Petra Christian University

The achievement is being able to do an internship program and be part of Artax. Under user-friendly directions, the opportunity to learn many things is even greater. Working with students from various universities has provided a platform for me to develop myself. Thank you, Artax!


Brawijaya University

It was a big opportunity that I can join Artax, where all the staffs and partners were very friendly and treated us as a family. I have learned a lot from Artax not only in taxation but about how important family is. I felt like Artax is not only my internship place, but it's my second home.


Petra Christian University

Having my internship at Artax was the most memorable opportunity I've ever had in my life. Artax has its own uniqueness, has its own “ART” as a tax consultant company that other companies don’t have. We were taught to live the work-life balance, and make our lives meaningful. Artax made me realize that even though working as a tax consultant is not an easy thing, but it is very fun and interesting, where we will always learn and know a lot of new things everyday.


Petra Christian University

Being an intern at Artax has been quite the turning point in my life. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. I have learned so much beyond technical and soft skills, as I've gained experiences and knowledge I know I wouldn't get elsewhere. To be constantly surrounded by people that always encouraged me to be the best version of myself was an honor and a privilege to have. This internship has been filled with lots of memories and laughter that I'll forever cherish.


Petra Christian University

Never thought that internship could be one of my most precious moment. I grew and learned a lot both useful hardskills and valueable softskills through those times. I’m so glad to be able to work with a team who is very welcoming & supportive, appreciation given for every progress of ours give us more motivation to thrive.


Petra Christian University

It feels surreal to be able to work as an Intern at the workplace i’ve been dreaming of, and that’s Artax. Artax give me a lot of new things, not only about taxation but also we always lesson about life. As Artax’s tagline that is Strength in Numbers, it’s teach me about how we can manage many diversity in Artax, and communication is the most important thing to solve the problems. Artax is my second home!


Petra Christian University

I'm so grateful that i got the opportunity to have my internship in artax. Internship in artax were very fun and full of joy. I gained a lot of new knowledge and experience as well and I also have improved my public speaking skill. Moreover the most important thing is i got my second family in artax. Thankyou Artax!


Petra Christian University

Being an Artax Intern isn’t just about learning and working but growing in productive and positive environment indeed. I’m incredibly grateful for having a great opportunity to gained more knowledge from any perspectives. Thank you Artax!


Airlangga University

As an intern, I’m much obliged for the professionals who willing to learn and solve a problem together, it will be the one of the best culture that I’m personally impressed. Being an intern at Artax has taught me a lot of new things and a lot of exciting experiences. Thank you Artax!


Airlangga University

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