Grow your business capital through clever mathematical and statistical strategies

At Artax, we believe that every business can achieve its full potential with expert and entrepreneurial tax advice. We are passionate about breaking down growth barriers and freeing up business owners to focus on scaling and developing their businesses, rather than just managing them.

We Believe in


Together Everyone Achieves More

Artax was founded on January 20th 2017 by three founding partners having more than one decade of experience in taxation, and tax strategies for corporations or individuals. The Company has its headquarters in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

Artax is taken from word Art and Tax which means arts of taxation. In Artax we believe that through creativity, innovations, and arts, we will help our clients reach their goal. In Sanskrit Artha is “meaning, purpose or essence”. As a concept, Artha can be defined as a means of life including material wealth. We hope we can be the best tax partner who assists our clients not only on the business side but also in everything that any individual or corporation needs.

High quality, accurate, reliable, competent services are our commitment to helping our clients. Artax will be your tax partner.
Our mantra, "Happier & Better" has been at the very heart of our journey from the beginning, and serves as the cornerstone of Artax's working culture. It's a simple yet profound philosophy – If we are happy, then everything we do will be better.
Work-Life Balance

At Artax, our working culture is centered around a steadfast commitment to work-life balance. Our shorter working hours, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, are a reflection of this dedication.

Professional Growth

Artax fosters a dynamic and supportive working culture that places a strong emphasis on everyone’s growth. This is supported by our internal program, MondayTalks and FridayTalks

Happy Hours

We are dedicated to create a workplace where our team’s growth and happiness are the integral components of our success. Our Happy Hours entails simple activities such as playing foosball or PS5 in the office, to our weekly Artax’s Sports Day.


Our vision is crystal clear, Your Tax Partner. Welcome to a new era of tax consultancy where you're not just a client; you're our valued partner, where your goals are our goals, and together, we thrive.


- Giving high-quality services that exceed our client’s expectations
- Building long-term relationships with our clients
- Pursuing business through creativity and innovation