Transfer Pricing Service

At Artax, we understand the significance of Transfer Pricing in today’s global economy, as multinational companies and/or local businesses engaged in both local or cross-border transactions with related parties are often required to make Transfer Pricing Documents.

To reduce the Tax Dispute between taxpayers & tax authorities, we use the same Transfer Pricing database used by the Tax Office. Artax uses comparable data from BvD (Bureau Van Dijk) Singapore, a company that provides comparable data for more than 400 million companies worldwide. Based on the completeness of the comparable data, Artax's Transfer Pricing service ensures precision and comprehensiveness.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Artax’s Transfer Pricing experts will assist taxpayers in developing Transfer Pricing Documentation to comply with the requirements of the Indonesian tax regulation and in accordance with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines. We also analyze taxpayers pricing policies, advise on their policies, inter-company agreements, and supporting documents to manage transfer pricing exposures.

Transfer Pricing Dispute

Our team of Transfer Pricing experts will represent taxpayers to deal with competent authority related Transfer Pricing Disputes in Tax Audit, Tax Objection, Tax Appeal, Judicial Review processes.

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