Investing In Tomorrow's Leaders: The Awardees Of Artax Scholarship 2023

31 July 2023

Awardees of Artax Scholarship 2023

With a commitment to fostering educational excellence and nurturing future leaders, Artax has established this scholarship program to provide financial support and opportunities for deserving individuals to pursue their educational dreams.

This year, Artax Scholarship is back, with a total grant worth of IDR 100 Million! Furthermore, in 2023, we have taken a momentous stride by selecting 10 winners, a substantial increase from the 5 chosen in the previous year. By doubling the number of recipients, we hope to provide even more individuals with the chance to access quality education and unlock their potential.

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After going through the rigorous selection process of hundreds of participants from 17 cities and 30 universities spread all over Indonesia, Artax is proud to finally introduce the winners of the Artax Scholarship 2023! These remarkable scholars have not only demonstrated outstanding academic performance but have also showcased a commitment to personal growth, community engagement, and a passion for contributing positively to society.

The Awardees of Artax Scholarship 2023:

  • Bethania Crist Indraswari - Airlangga University
  • Graciella Felicia - BINUS University
  • Lulu Hasna Windhuaji - Padjadjaran University
  • Muhammad Khalifah Satria - Padjadjaran University
  • Ni Luh Putu Elsy Savitri Dhamayanti - Universitas Negeri Malang
  • Nicholas Soesilo - Airlangga University
  • Nikita Rosalind Sugiono - Petra Christian University
  • Nitha Theresia Christanti Rumapea - Brawijaya University
  • Ni Kadek Eva Ariani - Ciputra University
  • Samintang - Hasanuddin University

As the recipients embark on their educational journeys, we hope this scholarship program can continue to serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come.

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