[ArtaxTalks: Special Edition] Strategi Pajak Di Tahun Politik

13 December 2023

[ArtaxTalks: Special Edition] Strategi Pajak di Tahun Politik

Deliver high quality service, perform the service with creativity and innovation, and establish long term relationships with clients are the mission of Artax. In preparation for the upcoming tax policy changes for the next year, Artax is hosting ArtaxTalks: Special Edition exclusively for our clients to ensure they are well-prepared and informed.

Welcoming Artax’s 7th Anniversary, Harmony in Progress: Sustainable Growth, Artax will give an in-depth insight specially delivered by all of our divisions, from Accounting, Transfer Pricing and Tax, with the topic of STRATEGI PAJAK DI TAHUN POLITIK.

To make this event more special, Artax has collaborated with PT Bank UOB Indonesia, who has provided a comprehensive perspective on the relevant economic outlook in Indonesia and throughout Asia.

Thank you to all Artax clients who attended this event. We hope that the materials presented will be beneficial and provide valuable insights to prepare for upcoming changes in tax policies.

To obtain a copy of the event materials, they can be downloaded through the following link:

Link Download Materi ArtaxTalks 2023

The password can be obtained through the email that has already been sent.

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